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Gifts & Premiums - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Every company tries many ways to attract customers and expand market share, as the business nowadays is more competitive than ever before. It is discovered that promotional gifts are the best way of advertisement. To meet the customers’ need, every company should select advertising gifts which is not only innovative and creative, but can also satisfy the customers’ taste.

SourceEC is used to help companies increase sales and improve images by providing advertising gifts of three main categories. The first common type of promotional gifts is office stationery gifts, including memo pad, pen holder, notebook, USB pen. The second type of promotional gifts is daily products, such as kitchen gadgets, toothbrush, mirror, towel, etc.. The last type of promotional gifts is sports gifts, including sports bottle, sports bag, watch, aluminum bottle, mini fan, etc..

There are two points you should notice when you prepare corporate gift. Firstly, advertising gift can not be too expensive because prmotional gifts are purchased in large quantity and given for free. Secondly, your logo must be endorsed on the promotional gifts to impressive your clients. In addition, the promotional gift should be practical and useful so that people would easily remember you when using those promotional gifts.