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Environmental Gift - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Generally, eco-friendly gift is made of natural material which is recyclable and causes little pollution to the environment. Some of the eco-friendly products are bio-degradable and finally broken down into nature. Such as bamboo lanyard, PLA pen and ruler, kraft notebook, PLA mug. The ideas of green gifts have already enjoyed great popularity in our daily life because people concern health and life quality very much.

Actually, eco-friendly gifts do not only mean that products made of natural material, but also reflect an idea of environmental friendly. For example, eco-friendly ashtray with a small fan and activated carbon inside can absorb the smoke and release non-toxic gas. Other eco-friendly gifts like solar torch, wooden USB flash drive, bio-degradable T-shirt, stapler, manual torch and so on.

Eco-friendly gifts make people express their good wishes from natural point of view and change their atitudes of lifestyle with health and activity. We offer individuls the ways to minimize harmful waste with our eco-friendly gifts. We provide affordable eco-friendly gifts branded with logo to companys for their promotion through a green and effective way. Showing the image of environmentally friendly would leaves deep impression to the public.