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Gattola Design

At Gattola we believe giving brings joy both to the recipient of the gift and the gift giver. Giving brings people closer together and supports new relationships to grow. Giving is one of life’s true sources of happiness. We don’t believe you have to be rich to give; but most certainly you must be wise. The smallest gift of a smile to a stranger when you’re on the bus or train can make the biggest difference to someones day.
  • Think of the last time someone surprised you with a small gift.
  • Think of the last time you surprised someone else with a small gift.

Maybe it was a friend or someone in your family. Chances are you both felt a lasting happiness linger on for hours after the exchange. Giving is a simple way of establishing or encouraging good relationships.

Make giving a part of your day & make someone smile in their heart.

“The best design seeks to solve simple problems in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
At Gattola we like to promote our philosophy of giving joy.
Combining aesthetics & function is always the challenge of a designer but making it fun and joyful is our extra initiative.”