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Paper Gift Boxes - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Gift Box describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as product storage, or for temporary use when transporting contents. People always think that gift boxes should be made of durable material such as wood or metal, or of corrugated fiberboard and paperboard. In these years, due to the increases of the business trade, promotional gifts have become critical parts of business promotion strategies. Surely, gift boxes are more important than ever to give impressive images to the receiver.

Among gift boxes, paper gift boxes received high evaluations. There are some reasons.

Firstly, paper is one of the recycled materials which is recyclable, bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Paper gift box can be reused and does no harm to the environment. Companies can improve their images of environmental friendly by using paper gift box to carry their promotional gifts.

Secondly, the price of paper gift box is always at low end. If you purchase paper gift boxes and print in mass, the cost is lower than you can imagine.

Thirdly, paper is the easiest printed item no matter how complex the logos or patterns are. Therefore, paper gift box with your advertising information is a perfect tool to promote your corporate.